Welcome to the 14th Annual Rebirthing Breathwork Training with Founder, Leonard Orr and Experienced Staff

Training starts in









Friday, August 11th, 3 p.m. till

Wednesday evening, August 16th



Friday, August 11th, 3 p.m. till

Sunday, August 20th, Noon


This educational – experiential course is addressed to all those who wish to excel in their Professional Rebirthing Practice and for those new to breathwork.

Learn to establish or expand your breathwork clientele, lead seminars and train others as Rebirthing Breathworkers. It is moreover recommended for those who are seeking to go deep into their personal healing and expand their therapeutic experience.

Rebirthing is a simple and gentle way of breathing that restores emotional balance, while relaxing, refreshing and invigorating the human body.  It is easily learned over a series of sessions to use as a daily practice for clearing the mind and resting the body.  This premier West Coast training offers a comprehensive exploration of the following:

  • Greater understanding of the physiological effects of Rebirthing – what are the mechanisms implied in breathing; how do our thoughts and fears affect our metabolism; what is the link between the expression of our feelings and the suppleness of breathing; the difference between hyperventilation and Rebirthing – hyperventilation is not Rebirthing breathwork.
  • Daily sharing, a wealth of information and morning seminars with Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork.
  • Integrate Rebirthing Breathwork for solutions to personal problems.
  • Come to peace in releasing wounds of the past and present.
  • Understand the power of words and the effects of our internal dialogue.
  • Identify your Personal Truth or Personal Law and how it could be negatively impacting your relationships, career, and self-image.
  • Individual Rebirthing sessions with a skilled Rebirther.
  • Instruction and demonstration of warm and cold water rebirthing.
  • Centering and relaxation exercises.


  • Successfully guide a client through a session; enhance your communication’s skills with effective client contact statements.


  • Goals and subject matter for the first ten sessions.
  • Advanced techniques to assist in specific situations with clients:  prolonged tetany; staying awake; emotional and physical birth memories.
  • Being fully present or ‘holding space’ with clients.
  • A day of silence, fasting and fire purification to clean your mind and energy body.


  • Succeed in the marketplace no matter your profession:  practical clientele building strategies that build the results you want; the role of excellence and generosity; handling professional burn-out.
  • Effective processes to resolve confusion and come to clarity.


  • Learn to identify the part that you can play in most negative situations.
  • Learn to present seminars and transition to becoming a Rebirthing Trainer; seminar ideas and an effective system of training others in rebirthing breathwork.
  • Expand longevity and recognize the unconscious death urge.
  • Spiritual Purification Practices practiced daily for a balanced mental and emotional state with bathing, fire, fasting, silence, spiritual community, breathing, moving and unexpected surprises!
  • Understand your birth script and how it influences your life.
  • The Money Seminar and the art of setting your fees and negotiating.


  • Rebirther’s Code of Ethics.
  • Morning devotional singing and meditation (optional).
  • Daily bathing in the healing warm and hot waters of Sierra Hot Springs.